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America faces an immediate and long-term crisis with the shortage of qualified workers in STEM fields as the number of available science, technology, engineering and mathematics jobs far outpaces our ability to fill them.

inSPIRE STEM USA is a coalition of organizations, companies and leaders supportive of a two-part plan to address immigration and workforce development needs. The help improve immigrations and hire people that are in need and improve our STEM education with facebook ads agency pipeline. The plan closes the STEM jobs gap today and ensures the United States remains competitive by producing more college graduates with engineering and computer science degrees.


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H-1B Visa Watch

Passport immigration stampOn April 1, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) opened the process for high-skilled H-1B visas. Our clock tracked how long it took to reach the USCIS cap of 65,000 visas, which was set by Congress 23 years ago.

4 days 8 hours 0 minutes 0 seconds

Read our press release regarding the rapid exhaustion of the H-1B visa cap.

Maria Cardona on I-Squared:

Maria Cardona on the STEM crisis. Ver en Español.

The inSPIRE STEM USA Solution:

Short-Term: Address the STEM shortage now – Reform High-Skilled Immigration

  • Establish an increased allocation of H-1B STEM visas to meet employers’ hiring needs and generate revenue for new investments in the U.S. STEM pipeline.
  • Recapture unused employment-based green card numbers to reduce the green card backlog and generate revenue for new investments in the U.S. STEM pipeline.
  • Direct employers’ investments from these new, targeted immigration benefits to fund targeted initiatives that strengthen the U.S. STEM pipeline.

Long-Term: Increase the Pipeline of STEM Graduates in the U.S.

  • Recruit and train additional STEM teachers throughout the country.
  • Improve access to computer science in high schools to encourage more students to consider careers in computing.
  • Address America’s college completion crisis by helping students who start college earn their degrees faster and help colleges produce more STEM degrees.

Coalition Members Include: