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inSPIRE STEM USA Newsletter – July 2013

Since the passage of immigration reform in the Senate, inSPIRE STEM USA has turned our focus to the House. We have: visited over 60 House offices about the need for reform and the importance of a STEM fund in any legislation the House might consider, sent up four letters of support for reform and the inclusion of a STEM fund, delivered packets of information to every House office, recently held our first House staff briefing, and added four new members to the coalition — American Association of University Women, American College Testing “ACT,” ExxonMobile and Sunshine Hope. We are also… Read More »

inSPIRE STEM USA Newsletter – June 2013

inSPIRE STEM USA has many activities planned as the whole Senate body debates comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Just as we have throughout the legislative process, we will continue to push our message that comprehensive immigration reform legislation must contain a dedicated and robust STEM education fund.

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inSPIRE STEM USA Newsletter – May 2013

inSPIRE STEM USA has many activities planned for this week as the Senate’s immigration bill enters its first week of markup. Before we tackle our newest projects, I want to take a moment to remind you of all that we have done in March and April to promote our message that any immigration bill must contain a dedicated fund for STEM education.

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inSPIRE STEM USA Newsletter – March 2013

inSPIRE STEM USA has been particularly busy over the past few weeks as the discussion on immigration reform continues on Capitol Hill and around the country. On Friday, we sent Senate education and immigration staffers an invitation to our first Capitol Hill briefing on America’s STEM (science, technology, education, mathematics and computer science) crisis and the importance of the Immigration Innovation Act’s (I-Squared) passage into law. I-Squared will help ensure American companies are able to stay competitive in the global marketplace by modernizing the H-1B process. The bill also includes a dedicated STEM fund to help prepare America’s next generation… Read More »

inSPIRE STEM USA Newsletter – February 2013

Welcome to inSPIRE STEM USA’s inaugural newsletter! As the debate over immigration reform continued to heat up on Capitol Hill and around the country this past week, inSPIRE STEM USA was active on all fronts.

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