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Welcome Back Congress

Dear Member of Congress,

Welcome back from August recess. As you may have noticed, the momentum has shifted and those supporting an immigration overhaul were out in force during the recess, attending your Town Halls, writing op-eds for your local papers, talking to you and your staff at events, making calls to your offices, and sending letters and emails – in essence, making sure that the voices of the majority of Americans who support immigration reform, and specifically, an increase in high skilled visas and the creation of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fund, were heard.

During August, inSPIRE STEM USA continued its work in DC and in the states. In coordination with a number of immigration reform-focused groups, inSPIRE STEM worked in 14 states and engaged with Members of Congress and district staff at public town halls and other events to share their support of high skilled immigration reform and the need to include a STEM fund.

Please find linked below a number of national media hits as well as pieces from local and regional papers around the country that reinforce the majority’s support for immigration reform. Across the country, in conservative and liberal districts alike, we heard over and over again: our immigration system needs to be reformed, doing nothing is a form of amnesty, and any reform should include a STEM fund to better prepare American students for the jobs of the future.


Beneva Schulte
Executive Director

House bill offers to ease Utah’s tech pro shortage
The Salt Lake Tribune, AUGUST 10, 2013

STEM Education Needed in the Pipeline
Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, AUGUST 12, 2013

Ex-Sen. Sununu, Tech Firms Push House To Raise Visa Cap For STEM Workers
KUHF Houston Public Radio, AUGUST 16, 2013

Put more resources behind STEM says Dr. Betty Baitland
Fort Bend Star, AUGUST 21, 2013

Grant More H-1B Visas
Real Clear Policy, AUGUST 26, 2013

Maria Cardona: An Instrumental Voice in Bridging the STEM Gap
Minority Media & Telecom Council, AUGUST 26, 2013

Immigration Reform Measures Could Fill Desperate Need in Washington State for STEM-Educated Workers
NW Daily Marker, AUGUST 27, 2013

Letter to the Editor: The Importance of STEM Education?
Fullerton Stories, AUGUST 30, 2013

Visa changes needed, SEPTEMBER 3, 2013

Congress should act on immigration reform to support future workforce
Eagan Patch, SEPTEMBER 5, 2013

Klein: Senate immigration bill good for business
Austin-American Statesman, AUGUST 5, 2013

More Republicans — including Utah’s Jason Chaffetz — talking pathway to citizenship
Deseret News, SEPTEMBER 3, 2013

Immigration advocates claim ‘resounding win’ in quiet August
The Hill, AUGUST 29, 2013

Republicans May Be Changing Minds on Immigration Reform
ABC: The Note, AUGUST 8, 2013

Silicon Valley’s Quest for Immigration Reform
Bloomberg, AUGUST 5, 2013

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